Road Safety Remains a Hot Topic For All Children Growing Up

Society of Road Safety Ambassadors (SORSA) has on 28th April 2021 conducted a road safety workshop for children at SOS Children’s Villages Tlokweng. This was upon a request made by the youth Development Officer who saw the need to empower children on the subject of road safety. The SOS Village in Tlokweng is next to the main road which poses a danger to our young children who regularly cross the road going to school, tuckshops as well as visiting their friends, commented the Village manager. She said although they have never had a case of a child being hit by a vehicle, it is always best to prevent such incidences. The children were taught the different road signs and general information on how to approach and behave when using the roads. This exercise is one of the action plans for SORSA for 2021. Amid the Covid 19 pandemic, the country continues to record high numbers of road accidents, hence the partnership to train children said Mr. Gale Motlhajoe. He said they have had such workshops in schools and many around the country.

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