Tree Planting in Tlokweng, Powered by BOTSFA and Sanitas

SOS Children’s Village Tlokweng, the oldest of the 3 opened the gate to its first beneficiaries in 1987. The SOS Village which comprised of 6 family houses then was brand new with lots of shade trees which were meant to provide shade to children as they play at the playgrounds. Most of them were the blue gum trees.

Unfortunately with time, they started falling off one by one due to termites for they are as old as the SOS Village. For safety precautions, those that still remained were cut down. In replacement, one of SOS Botswana’s friends and supporters Mats Ögren Wanger organised his team from Botswana Sweden Friendship Association (BOTSFA) to come and plant new trees. Mr Kent of Sanitas Botswana gave them a handsome discount.

The purpose of the project was also to improve the children’s awareness of the importance of trees in our environment. The plan is to plant 3 orange trees at each of the 18 resident houses at SOS Tlokweng and then also plant 20 Morula trees to provide shade in the playground area.

So far more than 20 orange trees have been planted. The tree planting exercise is filled with fun as children take part in deciding where to place the plant next to their house as well as the digging and getting all soily.

During the tree planting time, other children bake cakes to be eaten by the ‘workers’ and some fun painting takes place by the young ones. At the end of the day, they all take part in practicing some yoga moves, thanks to our many SOS friends who always dedicate their time to spend it with the children.

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