SOS Children’s Villages Botswana hosted a delegation from the United Republic of Tanzania

SOS Children’s Villages globally believes that the best place for a child to grow is within their natural environment. Over the years the model of removing the children from their homes to come and live in our SOS Children’s Villages Botswana centers, although yielded good results, but there was room for even greater results. SOS Children’s Villages Botswana embarked on a journey of social and physical integration of the families into the communities around the 3 centers. From 2016, eight (8) families have been moved out of the SOS Children’s Villages Botswana centres and they live within the surrounding communities, and so far the results are pleasing. There are lots of lessons learned throughout the process. This exercise has attracted interest not only from other like-minded organizations but also from governments. SOS Children’s Villages Botswana Botswana hosted a high-level delegation from the United Republic of Tanzania to come and benchmark, in order to go and implement the model in the country. The delegation comprised the management of SOS Children’s Villages Tanzania as well as permanent secretaries and directors from different government ministries of Tanzania

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